Ravennest - Ravennest

Raven Bros.

Raven Bros. is an Amsterdam based production team. They compose music, craft recordings and release productions. Raven Bros. produced tracks for the award winning performances of Hip Hop duo’s M.O. & Brakko (GPNL 2008) and Dret & Krulle (GPNL 2009). They produced the album Koester (2009) for M.O. & Brakko and Free Quincy (2011), starring MC’s Mizztamizzo and ELL-I-DEE. Also they collaborated with performance artist Moniek Toebosch for the art project Waiting for Buses and Birds (2014) at the Amsterdam Central Station. Raven Bros. releases its latest album Ravennest on Friday May 30th, 2015. Ravennest is a collaboration between the Raven Bros. and four MC’s hailing from Amsterdam Southeast: Serrio (formerly known as Serrio B.A.A.Z.), Mizztamizzo & ELL-I-DEE (from the rap formation Free Quincy), and Shane, a 16-years-old upcoming rap prodigy from Gein. The album release party will take place on May 30th, at Grand Cafe Berlin, Campus Diemen Zuid. Doors open 21:00hrs. Entrance: Free.


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